Get started

Learn the basics. Install Dynatrace and begin monitoring.

Data security

Read about how we protect your data using carefully controlled hosting, communication, and operational practices.

Technology support

Find technical details related to Dynatrace support for specific programming languages and platforms.

Monitoring insights

Learn how to use dashboarding, topology visualization, and AI-driven ChatOps/VoiceOps features to interact with Dynatrace and gain deeper knowledge of your environment.

Problem resolution

Learn how problems are tracked and reported. Understand what makes the Dynatrace approach to problem detection unique.


Analyze host memory usage, CPU usage, and more to fully understand errors and crashes that occur in your environment.

User experience

Understand how the performance of user sessions, user actions, synthetic availability, and third party content impact the digital experience of your customers.

Server-side services

Track web requests, web services, database statements, and more, down to the code level.


Track cloud, virtualization, hosts, datacenters, processes, and network components.

Monitoring plugins

Extend the monitoring functionality of to support 3rd party or custom technologies.

Dynatrace Managed

Administer Dynatrace Managed, create a cluster, monitor environments, and manage user accounts.

Dynatrace API

Learn how to use our powerful HTTP REST API to seamlessly integrate with Dynatrace. Build your own customized integrations and automate tasks.

External integrations

Learn how to integrate Dynatrace with 3rd party monitoring, team collaboration, and incident management tools.