Dynatrace API v1 documentation (Beta)

Thank you for trying out the Dynatrace API. This initial public v1 release of the API is a beta release for experimental use only! The API is likely to change over the next versions. At this stage a limited set of endpoints have been exposed to allow for development of custom reports, dashboards, and direct access to the Dynatrace Problems API.

General information

Contains general information about the Dynatrace API, such as pricing, throttling, and versioning.


This section explains how to use an API access key to authenticate API requests at your Dynatrace cluster.

Timeseries API

Exposes metric information in terms of data point series, related to your applications, services, and infrastructure.

Problems API

Exposes all problem-detection relevant information, such as overall problem status, the problem feed, and problem details.

Topology and Smartscape API

Query your environment topology to get details about the attributes and relationships between your applications, services, and infrastructure.

Real user monitoring JavaScript code management API

Exposes real user monitoring relevant information and JavaScript code for manually injected applications.