Dynatrace security FAQs

Does Dynatrace have SOC1 or SOC2 certification?

Dynatrace is SOC2 Type II certified. Our hosted services run exclusively in Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is SOC1 and SOC2 certified.

Does Dynatrace have ISO 27001 certification?

AWS, which Dynatrace runs on, has ISO 27001 certification, but Dynatrace does not.

Is Dynatrace HIPAA Compliant?

We fulfill HIPAA requirements because we don’t track PII data.

What type of information does Dynatrace collect?

Dynatrace OneAgent records when user requests arrive, measures how long responses take, and maps all involved components. Dynatrace OneAgent also tracks generic system performance parameters (for example, CPU usage) because these parameters affect application performance. All data is sent to Dynatrace Server for analysis.

Dynatrace only captures performance-related data. Any field that is not a variable or parameter name is ignored by Dynatrace. As such, only performance metrics that are captured and method names for performance issue methods are captured and sent back to Dynatrace Server. We capture queries called through supported instrumented languages, but that information is not sent to Dynatrace Server for analysis.