How do I configure Security Gateway?

Configuration options are offered for both Linux and Windows installations.


Command line parameters can be used in the following way:

Dynatrace-Security-Gateway-Linux-<version>.sh [parameter] [<parameter1>=<value2>] [<parameter2>=<value2>] ...

Note: Spaces between the parameter name and parameter value are not allowed.

Parameter Meaning
-h Print help
-s Don't install service. Used by public Security Gateway installers.
--ignoreMemReq Don't check available memory.
SERVER=<server_address>:<server_port>/communication Server's communication URL
PROXY=<proxy_address>:<proxy_port> Proxy
USER=<user> Run service as specified user. User must exist in the system.
TENANT=<tenant> TenantUUID
TENANT_TOKEN=<tenant_token> Tenant Token
PUBLIC_SG=<true\false\managed> Security Gateway type
INSTALL=<folder> Store binary files in the specified folder.
LOG=<folder> Store log files in the specified folder.
CONFIG=<folder> Store configuration files in the specified folder.


The Windows Security Gateway installer allows you to specify:

  • Installation directory
  • Proxy