What are the hardware & software requirements?

This topic applies to Dynatrace Managed installations only.

Supported software platforms

For details on which 64-bit Linux distributions you can install Dynatrace Managed on, please see Which environments and versions does Dynatrace support? Note that installation on both physical and virtualized hosts is supported, but installation in containers is not supported.

Hardware sizing

Scale1 (nodes) Max. hosts monitored User actions/s Events/s CPU + RAM (single node) Disk IOPS (across all nodes) 1 day code-level visibility (all nodes) Long-term (per node)
Trial (1 node) 100 50 8,000 4 cores 16GB RAM R: 3W: 5 100GB 150GB
Small (1 node) 1,000 300 50,000 8 cores 32GB RAM R: 15W: 30 300GB 800GB
Small (3 nodes) 3,000 1,000 150,000 8 cores 32GB RAM R: 50W: 100 1TB 2.5TB
Large (1 node) 3,000 1,000 150,000 32 cores 64GB RAM R: 50W: 100 1TB 2.5TB
Large (3 nodes) 10,000 3,000 500,000 32 cores 64GB RAM R: 150W: 300 3TB 8TB
XXL (6 nodes) 50,000 10,000 1,500,000 64 cores 160GB RAM R: 500W: 1000 10TB 20TB
  1. No failover for single-node installations. For guidance on extra large environments, please contact us at Dynatrace Answers.

Multi-node installations

For Dynatrace Managed installations with more than one node, all nodes must:

  • Use the same Linux distribution
  • Have the same hardware configuration
  • Be synchronized with NTP
  • Be in the same timezone