How do I enable deep process monitoring?

Deep process monitoring allows you to monitor all processed requests and database statements that are executed by your application server. It facilitates the analysis of application-server code down to the method level.

Before you begin

What you need:

  • Administrator credentials for the servers where you’ve installed Dynatrace OneAgent.
  • Permission and credentials required for restarting all your application services.

Restart your server processes

To enable deep process monitoring you must restart all processes that support deep monitoring.

Once downloaded and installed, OneAgent discovers processes running on monitored machines. These processes are listed on the auto-discovered server processes page during monitoring setup. Later, based on monitoring of these processes, we’ll be able to get all crucial information about services, web requests, and database calls in your environment.

Various stages of deep monitoring setup. One host is fully monitored. The other needs to have Apache and Tomcat servers restarted.

If you stop here to restart your server, you can continue later after you’ve logged in again. At that point we’ll tell you which processes need to be be restarted.

Whenever you visit a Host page, Dynatrace may display a message telling you to restart certain processes. Restart these processes to enable deep analysis of services and application behavior.

Supported process types

To enable deep process-monitoring, Dynatrace provides enhanced monitoring rules for most web technologies. For full details, see supported applications and services.

Process not detected?

One of the following may have occurred:

  • The process isn’t supported by deep monitoring technology.

  • The process isn’t working on your server. Please ensure your servers are up and processes are in operational state.

  • There is some delay in communication between Dynatrace and your Dynatrace OneAgent. Please wait a few moments and try again.
  • Your agent isn’t working properly. Go to Settings > Monitoring overview to confirm that the host running your software is monitored.

If you’re still unable to resolve this issue, please contact us at Dynatrace Answers. Also consider installing Dynatrace OneAgent on a different machine.