What is a host unit?

Dynatrace pricing for full-stack monitoring is based on host units. A host unit reflects the size of a host based on the amount of that host's RAM. A host with 16 GB of RAM equates to 1 host unit. Host unit equivalents for various memory sizes are shown in the table below.

Max. Ram Host units (full stack) Host units (infrastructure-only)
1.6 GB 0.1 0.03
4 GB 0.25 0.075
8 GB 0.5 0.15
16 GB 1 0.3
32 GB 2 0.6
48 GB 3 0.9
64 GB 4 1.2
n*16 GB n n*0.3

Host unit amounts increase at a rate of 1 host unit for each 16-GB memory increment. Memory is counted in GB (1 GB = 1,024 MB) and host unit values are rounded up. So, if you have a host with a memory size of 24 GB, the host will be billed at a rate of 2 host units.

Infrastructure-only licensing

If you use infrastructure-only monitoring for your servers, your host unit value is multiplied by 0.3.

Host unit hours

A single host unit hour represents 1 host unit running for 1 hour. If such a host runs for a full day, it will consume 24 host unit hours. You can determine how many host units you are monitoring by dividing your number of host unit hours by 24.