How do I connect to Amazon Web Services?

Connect Dynatrace to Amazon Web Services

What you need

  • Your Amazon Web Services account ID

  • Rights to assign role-based access to your AWS account

  • Your Amazon Access key ID and Secret access key

  • Dynatrace AWS account name: 509560245411

You can integrate Dynatrace with Amazon Web Services (AWS) for intelligent monitoring of services running in the Amazon Cloud. AWS integration helps you stay on top of the dynamics of your data center in the cloud.

Before you can connect Dynatrace to AWS you need to configure your AWS account so that Dynatrace can access your CloudWatch metrics. To do this you can either define a special role for Dynatrace or you can use a private access key.

Once your Amazon account is set, you need to tell Dynatrace how to access your Amazon data. For details, see How do I start Amazon Web Services monitoring?