How do I get started with Dynatrace Managed?

This topic applies to Dynatrace Managed installations only.

Hello and welcome! Here’s a quick overview of the  Dynatrace Managed setup process. You can perform all these steps at once or approach them in stages. Either way, we’ll guide you each step of the way.

Download and install Dynatrace Server

What you need:

  • Dynatrace Managed license key.
  • Administrator credentials for the servers where Dynatrace Managed is to be installed.
  • An up-to-date Linux distribution that is supported by Dynatrace Managed.

Follow the installation instructions in the license activation email. You’ll need to set up Dynatrace Server on a dedicated Linux machine and set up a monitoring environment. For more information, see How to install Dynatrace Server

Set up user groups and rights

Apart from your admin account, you’ll want other users to be able to interact with monitoring data and have rights for adjusting cluster settings. You can do this by either manually adding groups and users to your Dynatrace Server or you can connect Dynatrace to your LDAP installation. For more information, see What roles and user groups are available? and Can I manage users and groups with LDAP?