Why are my services not auto-detected?

If your application services aren't built on standard technologies they may not be recognized out-of-the box. You can monitor these technologies, but you'll need to define them as custom services with specific service entry-points. Dynatrace allows you to define any method, class, or interface as the entry point of a service to be monitored.

Currently only Java and .NET technologies are supported for custom services.

To set up a custom service for auto-detection:

  1. Go to Settings > Service detection > Custom services.
  2. Click Create custom service.
  3. Define the name, technology type, and entry point of the custom service you want to monitor.
Example configuration of a custom service entry point.

To make life easier, don't set up a different custom services for each entry point. Instead, create a single custom service that uses one or more class rules.

Custom service with multiple class rules.