What can I learn from service quality reports?

What’s included in Quality of service reports?

Each service quality report summarizes the monitoring insights that Dynatrace has compiled over the past week. Each report offers an overview of your applications, services, infrastructure utilization, performance problems, and the impact of performance problems on your customers.

While Dynatrace itself is an ideal tool for day-to-day monitoring purposes, reports give you insights into hot spots in your environment and make it easy to share insights with others.

Reports are structured in such a way that even non-technical team members can understand them. Reports include four sections: overall environment, applications, services, and infrastructure. For each report section we calculate a score to show you how well your monitoring stack components have performed over the past week.

Overall Dynatrace score

Your overall Dynatrace score is an average of the application, services, and infrastructure scores for your environment. For example if your individual scores are Applications: 85, Services: 99, and Infrastructure: 94, then your Dynatrace score is 92 (278/3).

Dynatrace overall score

Application score

Application scores are based on application Apdex ratings. In brief, the Application score is the average of your application Apdex value and the percentage of user actions that are affected by problems.

Dynatrace Application score

Services score

This score represents the percentage of service calls that were successful and unaffected by problems.

Dynatrace Services score

Infrastructure score

This score is the percentage of host time during which no problems were encountered.

Dynatrace Infrastructure score

How often are reports generated?

Service quality reports are generated each week on Sundays at midnight so that when you start your work week each Monday morning you’ll find a new report ready for your review.

If you’re not sure whether or not you’ve already viewed a report for a given week, use the Unread filter on the Reports page to display only unread reports.

Can I share reports with anyone who’s interested?

Yes, you can share reports with anyone, including registered Dynatrace users and non-users. Just type an email address and click Send.

When you share a report with a non-Dynatrace user, the user receives a message with a private link that allows them to view your report without logging into Dynatrace.