How long is Web request data kept for analysis?

For trial users we store detailed response time data for 2 days.

For paying customers we store granular metric-analysis data (at up to 1-minute resolution) for 14 days. Following that time, metrics are aggregated to lower resolution and stored for several years.

Full PurePath metric analysis data (even for resolutions higher than 1-minute intervals) is stored for 14 days.

Dynatrace has always monitored the Web requests in your environment to enable deep-process analysis and identification of baseline violations. However because there can be so many different kinds of Web requests in a typical Web application, we don't store historical trends or all Web request data by default.

On each Web request service page, you typically see the trend only over the past two hours. Data older than two hours is not stored by default. You can change this setting and have Dynatrace remember all your trend history going forward by enabling the Record historical chart data switch.

Two hours after enabling this setting you'll see a time selector enabled. Use this time selector to look further back in time.

After one week's time, you'll see a second chart that compares the response times of current Web requests with the response times of requests sent on the same day one week earlier.