Why are my services not auto-detected?

If your application services aren’t built on standard technologies they may not be recognized out-of-the box. You can monitor these technologies, but you’ll need to define them as custom services with specific service entry-points. Dynatrace allows you to define any method, class, or interface as the entry point of a service to be monitored.

Currently only Java and .NET technologies are supported for custom services.

To set up a custom service for auto-detection:

  1. Go to Settings > Service detection > Custom services.
  2. Click Create custom service.
  3. Define the name, technology type, and entry point of the custom service you want to monitor.
Example configuration of a custom service entry point.

To make life easier, don’t set up a different custom services for each entry point. Instead, create a single custom service that uses one or more class rules.

Custom service with multiple class rules.
How do I edit a custom service?

To edit an existing custom service entry point:

  1. Click the Services tile on the home dashboard.
  2. On the Services page, select the custom service from the list of monitored services.
  3. Click Edit on the menu bar to go to the service’s Edit service detection rule page.